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Find Mental Health Providers in Utah

Mountain Mental Health Connections

Tell us what you need, and we'll connect you with a mental health provider in Utah.

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Talk to a Therapist

Feel like you’re at the end of your rope, and you know that something has to change one way or another? Do you realize that you keep making bad life decisions, but you’re not sure why you seem incapable of changing your behavior? Do you think talking to someone might help? Schedule an appointment for individual, couples, or family counseling.

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Get a Psychological Evaluation

Trying to explain a sudden change in behavior? Concerned that your child is showing a developmental delay? Worried that a brain injury or neurological disease is causing cognitive deficits and personality changes? You may need a psychological evaluation to help you understand and respond to a mental health condition.

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Find Medical and Inpatient Services

Hospital and residential settings offer an outlet for the most disruptive and dangerous conditions. Medications can play a positive role but must be properly managed. Find the nearest hospital for an emergency intervention, talk to a doctor about getting a prescription medication, or search for a specific type of residential program.

Popular Types of Mental Health Therapy

Find the right kind of therapist for you.

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Individual Therapy

One-on-one sessions with a therapist allow people to explore their mental health by talking with a professional in a safe space. Cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapy are the most popular examples.

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Couples/Family Counseling

There's never a bad time for couples counseling: Strengthen the marriage, or make a final effort to save it. Identify what's sabotaging your relationship. Check in on your relationship twice a year. Create a co-parenting plan.

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Group Therapy

Group therapists are skilled mediators and counselors, but it's people looking primarily to share their stories and experiences with people who have gone through something similar that benefit most from group therapy.

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Mind/Body Therapies

Therapies that explore and strengthen the mind/body connection can improve mental health on their own or in tandem with talking to a therapist. Popular examples include yoga, meditation, acupuncture and massage.

The Mountain Mental Health Blog

Learn about and discover ways to improve your mental health.

02/04/2019 No Comments

What You Need to Know about Community Mental Health in Utah

Community mental health is one of those buzzwords that some health practices like to use in branding their services. In the course of choosing their mental health provider, people may come across this phrase and wonder what precisely it means. The short answer here is that “community” most often equals residents with limited financial means […]

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Are there Gender Differences in Utah for Mental Illnesses?

The rates of mental illnesses are different for men and women in Utah, but the size and nature of the difference has a huge amount of uncertainty attached to it. Below, you’ll find an overview of what we do know and how Utah residents can better interpret the circus of information that’s out there. For […]

01/27/2019 No Comments

How to Use Mental Health Assessment Forms for Better Outcomes in Utah

Mental health assessment forms are important tools for evaluating the level of need for various therapy interventions and other mental health services. As you can learn more about here, there is a long list of mental health test forms that might be used based on the types of symptoms and behaviors that are of concern. […]