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Feminist Therapy: For Women and Men in Utah

Feminist Therapy: For Women and Men in Utah

It’s easy to think that feminist therapy is only for women. It’s right there in the name, right? Well, like a lot of things, the truth is a little more complicated than that. Instead, the fundamental principle of this therapy is to first recognize the social forces that have been contributing to the individual’s mental health issues. Next, the therapist and client explore ways together that the individual may overcome these forces.

That said, in a clinical setting, feminist therapy isn’t a chapter in a college philosophy class. The ultimate goals aren’t so much about making insights into society and feminism. Instead, the end result is for the individual to gain control over their self-concept and their life—to empower the individual—so that when the course of therapy is concluded, the client and therapist have established an egalitarian relationship.


Why is it Called Feminist, then?

Good question. To some, a different name might have been a better choice. We could probably give you a lot of explanations, the best one is simply that feminist therapy focuses on the disempowerment that women face. And for good reason. While we generally avoid a game of one-upmanship when it comes to psychological distress, it’s well-documented that women consistently seek counseling at higher rates than men do. Moreover, these differences can’t be dismissed with some comment about men not wanting to ask for help—not when we know, for example, that the rates of childhood sexual abuse are twice as high for women.


Feminist Therapy for Men in Utah

But even as we’re careful not to equivocate between the mental health challenges facing men and women, there is no shortage of situations in which men find themselves that can be explored through a feminist perspective. Maybe you’re gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or not sure. Maybe your passions, hobbies, or career choice have been pigeon-holed as for women only. Maybe you had the crappy luck to be born into a fundamentalist community and were kicked out by older men as a sexual rival when you were an adolescent. Or maybe you’re someone who’s recently struggled to meet their personal goals, goals which are tied to a masculine identity. No matter what your story is and no matter what your goals are, don’t underestimate the potential benefit of talking with a devoted mental health professional.


Feminist Therapy for Women and for Everybody

Feminist therapy is often only one component of an integrated therapy model. EMDR—desensitization and reprocessing therapy—is one of the more effective and popular therapies for trauma and abuse. This process involves eye moment or therapeutic touch to help process the trauma and re-traumatization that may occur in the aftermath. As such, if you’re a woman who wants to talk with a therapist but you’re not sure who exactly, more than just a feminist therapist, you look for someone who has experience working with clients who have faced similar challenges.

Put another way, the practice of feminist therapy, for both men and women, can be described in terms that would apply to most any type of psychotherapy: A therapist with plenty of training and experience talking with people who had similar mental health problems will make every attempt to look at the world through your eyes, to have someone on your side no matter. But also someone who isn’t going to automatically agree with everything you have to say, someone who will help you look for the best path toward better mental health.


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