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Therapists and Mental Health Providers in Taylorsville

  • Summit Community Counseling—comprehensive therapy and assessment

5689 S Redwood Rd #27

Taylorsville, Utah 84123

(801) 704-5122

  • Center for Family Evaluation—family therapy and assessment

5691 S Redwood Rd Unit 16

Taylorsville, Utah 84123

(801) 386-5967

  • Hopeful Beginnings—comprehensive therapy and referral network

5667 S Redwood Rd Suite 6B

Taylorsville, UT 84123

(801) 979-1351

  • Utah Behavior Services—comprehensive therapy and assessment

6013 S Redwood Rd

Taylorsville, Utah 84123

(801) 691-7430

  • Julie A Stout—marriage and family therapy, depression/anxiety, abuse

5667 S Redwood Rd Unit 5B

Taylorsville, Utah 84123

(801) 719-5197

  • Shannon Hickman Counseling—comprehensive therapy/sex therapy

5689 S Redwood Rd

Building 28, Suite B

Taylorsville, Utah 84123

(801) 441-3626

  • Alpine Centers—outpatient therapy and psychiatric services

5689 South Redwood Rd #30

Salt Lake City, Utah 84123

(801) 268-1715

  • Utah NeuroTherapy Center—individual therapy with a focus on neurofeedback

1030 Atherton Dr

Taylorsville, Utah 84123

(801) 900-3004

  • Family Abuse Center—therapy services with a focus on substance abuse, domestic violence, sex offenders, and group therapy

5691 Redwood Rd. #15

Taylorsville, Utah 84123

(801) 281-4084

  • Primary Children’s Behavioral Health-Wasatch Canyons Campus—inpatient youth treatment center and therapy services

5770 S 1500 West

Salt Lake City, Utah 84123

(801) 313-7770

  • The Children’s Center-Kearns—mental health treatment for children

5242 S 4820 West

Kearns, Utah 84118

(801) 966-4251


Other Mental Health Resources

  • Yoga & Meditation: You might try the Dragon Studios Taijiquan and Hatha Yoga—they offer dedicated meditation services—on the edge of West Valley City. Another nearby option is Jordan Valley Athletic Club, although last time we checked the yoga classes were limited to Monday and Wednesday night. Or, just over in Murray, local YOGA is a good option for yoga classes that run throughout the day.
  • Hypnotherapy: There are no hypnotherapists directly in Taylorsville, but there is Advanced Hypnotherapy of Utah on the southern edge of Millcreek.
  • Acupuncture and Chiropractic: Camp4 Human Performance is right there in the neighborhood. This is a solid option for a lot of people who are interested in acupuncture and chiropractic work, but it’s also a sports medicine venue as an added bonus for anyone with a passion for sports.


Travel Tips

  • If you’re coming out of an appointment from the office park at 56th and Redwood Rd. and you’re trying to get back to loop 215, you want to go out the back entrance to 1500 West. You can then get back to Redwood Rd. by taking a left on 5600 South. Or, as an alternate route during rush hour, you can keep straight and then turn right at 5400 South to get back to I-15.


Things to Do

  • Dining: Just before or after an appointment, there are a number of fast, casual dining options that may be perfect for lunch or other quick-meal options. Some of these include Freebirds, HoneyBaked Ham, Godfather’s Pizza, and Pho Bien Hoa (Vietnamese). Leatherby’s Family Creamery is a great summertime treat.
  • Entertainment: More of a commercial shopping hub, Taylorsville isn’t usually known as one of Salt Lake’s top entertainment districts. Yet, there is Gamerz Funk, a huge networked gaming center. Or, for the old-fashioned kind of interactivity, there is the Castle of Chaos and Mystery Theatre live productions. There’s also the Taylorsville Recreation Center and Valley Regional Park.


Local Residents

  • It’s important to be mindful of the way that our physical health and mental health inform each other. Take, for example, the 24-Hour Fitness Center at 5766 South 1900 West, or Planet Fitness at 1836 W 5400 S. A gym membership could be just the thing to improve your mood or increase your social activity. On the other hand, if you feel the need to compulsively exercise—even when you recognize signs that you’re going too hard—a counselor can help you find the right balance.
  • Ice Cream: (1872 West 5400 South). Keep in mind that a healthy diet is correlated with better mental health overall. Yet, for some people, having no appetite at all may be the nutritional obstacle standing in the way of life improvement. If discovering a new ice cream shop reignites a lost love for soft-serve, this could serve as a stepping stone into other renewed interests. And, hey, we’re all for a holistic approach, but nobody said your mental health professional has to be your nutritionist, too.