Find Mental Health Providers in Downtown Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake City Mental Health Providers

Find mental health providers in downtown Salt Lake City including therapists, psychologists, and community-based resources.

City Creek Counseling—individual, couples, and group therapy

124 S 600 East #200

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 505-3696

Center for Human Potential—individual and couples therapy, plus assessment and business services

265 East 100 South, Suite 250

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

(801) 483-2447

Machiel P Klerk—individual, couples, and family therapy

150 S 600 East Suite 7C

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 656-8806

Capstone Counseling Center—substance abuse treatment, evaluation, court-ordered classes, and therapy

357 S 200 East #200

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

(801) 341-0411

Sunny Strasburg—individual, couples, and family therapy

1399 S 700 East Suite #3

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

(801) 355-2846

Matt Larson Pscyhotherapy & Associates—individual, couples, and family therapy

24 S 600 East #6

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 599-6396

Rebecca Lucille—individual and couples therapy, plus medication management

150 S 600 East Suite 1-C

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 633-5458

Salt City Psychology

77 S 700 East #220

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 758-7370

Pamala Roskelley—individual and couples therapy

150 S 600 East Suite 5B

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 486-1113

Steinmann Institute–court, assessment, and therapy services, plus medication management

10 West Broadway Suite 820

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

(801) 716-4284

Rachael Ringwood–psychiatric social work services

349 East Harvey Milk Blvd

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

(385) 743-1725

Goat Path Counseling–individual, couples, and family therapy with a focus on body and expressive therapies

663 West 100 South Suite B7

Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

(801) 416-3123

Huntsman Mental Health Institute/UNI Behavioral Health Clinic—doctoral-level assessment, therapy, and medication management

525 E 100 S #5000

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 585-1212

Neurology, Learning and Behavior Center—neuroassessment, forensic services, and child psychology

230 S 500 East #100

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 532-1484

GPS Integrative Therapies—therapies services with an emphasis on yoga and substance addiction

311 S 900 East #101A

Salt Lake City, UT  84102

(801) 633-3908

The Children’s Center—preschool program (ages 2-6) for children with autism and other developmental disorders

350 S 400 East

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

(801) 582-5534

Odyssey House—inpatient and outpatient therapy with medication management and a focus on substance addiction

344 East 100 South, Suite 301

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

(801) 322-3222

Dr. Brian Carl

160 S 1000 East Suite 310

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 839-5594

Other Mental Health Providers in Downtown Salt Lake City

  • Yoga & Meditation: There are all kind of yoga centers. In general, locations geared more toward meditation are found to the north and east with Mindful & Embodied and the Mindful Yoga Collective. To the south and west, you’ll find more fitness-oriented yoga centers in CorePower and Salt Lake Power Yoga. Or if you’re looking for personalized, thematic classes, the Parlour is a boutique yoga studio.
  • Acupuncture and Body Therapies: Downtown is awash in holistic health remedies. At Full Circle Care and Web of Life Wellness Center, acupuncture is only one item on an entire menu of body therapies you might try. At Mountain Mental Health, we recognize that, for many people, access equals affordability. And as counterintuitive as it may sound, many people head downtown to save money on their acupuncture. SLC Qi offers acupuncture in a group setting, which allows them to offer more affordable services.
  • Hypnotherapy: As part of treatment for a mental disorder, it’s often best to find a licensed mental health therapist who is also certified in hypnotherapy. But if you’re looking for a place that focuses solely on hypnosis—and especially if you’re trying to quit smoking, manage your weight, or sleep better—Northern Utah Hypnosis Center is a great, local option.

Neighborhood Info and Resources

Between the banks and the law firms, the energy and construction companies, and a range of business-to-business services, there are several mental health providers in downtown Salt Lake City. This central location can help a practice more effectively market specialized services to the entire Salt Lake Valley. Odyssey House, for example, wants to be known as the “most comprehensive adult inpatient program in Utah.” Or those in a struggling relationship may be looking for Suzanne Pratt at Closer Couples. For those who commute to downtown for work, Capstone has counseling centers in Orem, Ogden, Logan, and Brigham City, as well as downtown Salt Lake.

For some providers, the location is part and parcel with the organization’s history. Founded in 1962, The Children’s Center started out as a preschool in the historic Oquirrh School building. Renovated in 2009 in large part for the advancement children’s mental health care services, this building is the ideal spot for the Children’s Center and the families they serve.

This downtown neighborhood is also a natural choice for mental health professionals who offer team-building and business consultation services. That said, you can still find several individual and family therapy practices that offer competitive fees and in-network insurance coverage—an increasingly important clinical presence as downtown continues to see a residential boom.

So, whether you live in one of Salt Lake’s suburbs and you’re looking for specialized mental health services, or you’ve just moved into a downtown apartment complex, you should have luck finding someone to talk to.

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