Find Equine Therapy Programs in Utah

In Utah, many equine therapy programs are geared toward residential drug rehab treatment, but there are some locations that serve people, especially youth, with other mental health troubles. Several facilities also offer outpatient equine therapy. And apart from dedicated equine therapy programs, some people may be to achieve similar benefits from equestrian centers, especially when used in tandem with more traditional therapy services and office settings. The National Ability Center in Park City, for example, is one of Utah’s premier equestrian centers and offers several resources that are used to improve mental health.

List of Equine Therapy Programs in Utah

Hoofbeats to Healing: This program has two locations, one in Saratoga Springs and one in Bountiful. Rather than feeding and grooming, this center emphasizes therapeutic horseback riding. The program favors Missouri Fox Trotters for their horses. Commonly treated mental health issues include trauma, attachment disorder, mood disorders, and developmental delays.

Courage Reins: Located in Highland, Utah, this facility offers a full range of equine therapy programs including therapeutic riding, hippotherapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, and equine-assisted learning. Due to the extra cost, about the only thing they don’t do is take on seriously injured horses.

Discovery Ranch: This is a residential and academic treatment program in Mapleton, Utah for teenage boys who are experiencing any number of mental health troubles. Comprehensive treatment is offered, but the equine therapy is highlighted. Each student completes 3-4 months of working with a horse, while some students also work on advanced horsemanship that includes basic instruction in western riding, trail riding, and colt training.

Falcon Ridge Ranch: A residential and academic program for teenage girls with any number of mental health troubles. Equine assisted psychotherapy is at the heart of the Falcon Ridge treatment plan, along with the natural beauty of its Virgin, Utah location. Each young woman learns to earn the trust of and bond with one of the ranch’s horses.

Lion’s Gate Recovery: This is a comprehensive drug addiction program for adults. Based in St. George, this facility offers immediate intervention and detox, comprehensive rehab, and continuing care services. More than just basic grooming, many residents participate in an in-depth equine program that may include raising a young colt from infancy to adulthood.

Silver Spur Therapeutic Riding Center: In lieu of equine-assisted mental health therapy, Silver Spur focuses on therapeutic riding for autism, developmental delays, and physical disabilities. Located in New Harmony, the center offers therapeutic riding for 6-8 week blocks between April and November.

Ascend Recovery: Located in American Fork, this recovery center offers drug rehab with a specialization in dual diagnosis in which drug addiction co-exists with trauma or other mental health troubles. Equine therapy is only one of several therapy opportunities that includes art, music, pottery, and a ropes course.

Bridge Recovery Center: Located at the Coral Springs Resort on the outskirts of Hurricane Utah, this center is focused on treating chronic pain, both physical and psychological pain. Compared to other equine therapy programs, the Bridge Recovery Center is known for the unique experience of bonding with a wild mustang.

Utah Addiction Centers: Located in Eagle Mountain, this center offers treatment for drug addiction, sex addiction, and eating disorders, along with dual-diagnosis treatment for people whose addiction is associated with another mental illness. Equine therapy emphasizes learning how to play with and exercise the horse.

Sorenson’s Ranch: Offers a therapeutic equine program as part of a larger boarding school and residential therapy program for adolescent boys and girls. It’s also a working ranch located in Koosharem that includes a comprehensive treatment plan for a wide range of troubled teens.

Cirque Lodge: A comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab program. There is a studio location in Orem, but the companion Lodge facility in Sundance offers equine therapy and other experiential therapies built around some of the best landscape that Provo Canyon has to offer.

Diamond Ranch Academy: This is an academic and residential treatment center in Hurricane for teenage boys and girls. The facilities are separated into six distinct centers—two for girls and four for boys—ranging from 12-18+ years old. Diamond Ranch offers equine therapy as part of a larger treatment plan that also includes Character Curriculum, the academy’s own collection of workbooks.

Angel’s Recovery: Alcohol and drug rehab center that also caters to specific populations that include college students, LGBTQIA individuals, and executives and other professionals who continue to work during treatment. Along with equine therapy, this treatment center offers golf, music, and art therapy.