Find Mental Health Providers in Murray

Murray Mental Health Providers

Find licensed mental health providers in Murray and other local resources to strengthen your resilience and overall well-being.

Family Counseling Center—individual, couples, family therapy, and medication management

5250 Commerce Dr

Murray, Utah 84107

(801) 261-3500

4 Healing Center—comprehensive therapy with a focus on family counseling

5284 Commerce Dr #C-134

Murray, Utah 84107

(801) 266-4643

Trauma Awareness & Treatment—trauma and trauma-related addiction recovery

32 W Winchester St Suite 101

Salt Lake City, Utah 84107

(801) 263-6367

Center for Transpersonal Therapy—holistic, integrated therapy services

5801 Fashion Blvd. (280 East) #250

Murray, Utah 84107

(801) 596-0147

Equinox Counseling Services—individual, couples, and family therapy with a focus on mind-body therapy

923 E, Executive Park Dr. (5350 S), Suite E

Murray, UT 84117

(801) 450-2798 (for Isaac) or (801) 671-4905 (for Andrea)

Sundance Behavioral Resources—therapy services and medication management

845 E 4800 S #200

Murray, Utah 84107

(801) 264-9522

Matthew Davies—doctoral-level family and child therapy, plus some assessment and custody evaluation

5383 S 900 East #290

Murray, Utah 84117

(801) 263-3335

LifeStar Network—intensive therapy for sexual and porn addictions

151 E 5600 South #204

Murray, Utah 84107


Recovery Ways—residential treatment centers for substance addiction

Copper Hills

5288 S Allendale Dr

Murray, Utah 84123

Chatham Place

385 W 4800 S.

Murray, UT 84123

Brunswick Place

4848 South Commerce Dr

Murray, UT 84107

(888) 986-7848

Caring Journey Counselingindividual, couples, and family therapy

151 E 6100 South Suite 315

Murray, UT 84107

(801) 747-1754

Other Mental Health Providers in Murray

  • Yoga & Meditation: Looking to start a yoga habit in the midst of a busy weekly schedule? localYOGA offers morning and evening classes so you can start or finish your day with a yoga session. Looking to yoga as part of a holistic approach to your mental health troubles? Qigong and Tai Chi Utah offers a number of yoga and yoga-related therapies. You can also find a MTO center in this neighborhood, which is the practice of Islamic Sufism meditation.
  • Acupuncture and Body Therapies: This is perhaps premier Utah neighborhoods for acupuncture services. In Murray, you can find Salt Lake County Acupuncture, Ulibarri Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Aspire Health and Wellness Clinic, and Kim’s Asian Medicine Clinic.
  • Hypnotherapy: For most residents, the best bet is to head east. Hope Christian Counseling is located at Vine St. and Van Winkle, or there’s Advanced Hypnotherapy of Utah at Murray Holladay Rd and Van Winkle.

Neighborhood Info and Resources

No matter where you live in the Salt Lake Valley, it seems you never go long without hearing someone talk about Murray and the businesses and services you can find in this neighborhood. It’s no wonder, either. Surrounded by I-15, I-215, and Van Winkle—and with State St. cutting through the middle—Murray is easy to get to for the vast majority of Salt Lake City residents. It’s an attractive area for businesses, and mental health providers are no exception.

You can find clinicians with different approaches to therapy and a wide range of mental health services in general. Yet, geographic access to services is no guarantee of better outcomes. Murray still has slightly higher rates of depression, suicide, and attempted suicide than the state average. If you’re in pain or if you’re confused by your own behavior, we urge you to seek help.

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