Find Mental Health Providers in Ogden

Ogden Mental Health Providers

Find licensed providers, community resources, and other mental health services in Ogden that can help people improve their mental health.

LeafCrest Counseling—youth, adult, couples, and family therapy

1140 36th Street Suite 275

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 510-6864

Midtown Community Health Center—therapy services, medication management, Spanish-speaking and translator services

2240 Adams Ave

Ogden, Utah 84401

(801) 393-5355

Aloha Behavioral Consultants—comprehensive therapy services, court evaluations, medication management, and opioid addiction

811 North Harrisville Road

Harrisville, Utah 84404

(801) 399-1818

Weber Human Services—mental health and substance abuse treatment for Medicaid clients (crisis services available to all)

237 26th St

Ogden, Utah 84401

(801) 625-3700

Healing Tree Counseling—individual, couples, family, and group therapy

3544 S Lincoln Ave Suite 3E

Ogden, Utah 84401

(801) 564-1696

Sutton Clinical Services and Neurofeedback—therapy, assessment, and medication management

1140 36th St #210

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 392-0942

Weber State University Counseling and Psychological Services Center—short-term and community-based therapy services

3885 West Campus Dr. Dept 1114

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 626-6406

Ogden Center for Counseling and Assessment—therapy and assessment services

4590 Harrison Blvd Suite 200A

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 479-8286

A1 Alliance Counseling Services—individual, couples, and family therapy

5149 S 1500 West

Riverdale, Utah 84405

(801) 475-0402

Malan Relationship Health Clinic—relationship and conflict resolution, individual therapy

2510 Washington Blvd

Ogden, Utah 84401

Mark: (801) 334-8583 Colette: (801) 334-7217

Clinical Consultants—therapy and assessment services with a focus on substance abuse

2661 Washington Blvd Suite 102

Ogden, Utah 84401

(801) 621-8670

Rick Hawks—assessment services (EdD)

3670 Quincy #101

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 782-3551

Quality Youth Services—individual, couples, family, and group therapy

2240 N Highway 89 Suite C

Ogden, Utah 84404

(801) 393-6232

Milestone Counseling Services—individual, couples, and family therapy, plus foster placement

3149 N. Hwy 89 Suite 200

Pleasant View, Utah 84404

(801) 782-6600

Bristol Mountain Counseling—general therapy with an emphasis on mood disorders and couples counseling

4155 Harrison Blvd # 200

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 510-4790

Carolie Meccico—therapy for trauma and victims of domestic violence

Washington Terrace, Utah 84405

(801) 528-5054

Jeff Tesch—couples and family therapy with an emphasis on parenting skills

3500 Harrison Blvd

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 628-3259

Mark S. Adams—doctoral-level couples and family therapy

3785 Harrison Blvd

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 900-3588

Center for Neurological Services—neurological and assessment services

1452 E Ridgeline Dr

Ogden, Utah 84405

(801) 479-7009

Mountain West Psychology Services—assessment services

972 Chambers St # 5

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 476-6916

Hospital-Based Services

For emergencies, don’t worry about researching providers. Call 911. That said, seriously troubling behavior may be cause to seek out hospital-based services even if emergency personnel are not required to get help. Two separate medical centers in Ogden provide most of these services to local residents.

McKay-Dee Institute For Behavioral Medicine—outpatient therapy, day treatment, and inpatient psychiatric services (multi-site provider):

Center for Counseling and Outpatient Psychiatry

3903 Harrison Blvd Suite 300

Ogden, Utah 84403

Summit Day Treatment

4387 Harrison Blvd Suite C4

Ogden, Utah 84403

(801) 387-5600

Ogden Regional Medical Center—sleep and substance addiction treatment

5475 S 500 East

Ogden, Utah 84405

(801) 479-2111

Other Ogden Mental Health Providers

  • Yoga & Meditation: For the intersection between yoga, meditation, and mental health, it’s tough to beat the Lotus Wellness Spot on 25th St, but there are plenty of local yoga classes available. Weber State’s Counseling and Psychological Services Center also hosts a meditation and relaxation group in which everyone is welcome.
  • Acupuncture and Body Therapies: Here, too, there are plenty of options including Master Lu’s, Acupuncture & Shiatsu Massage by Yuri, Tao Acupuncture Clinic, and plenty of chiropractic and holistic body therapies.
  • Hypnotherapy: For dedicated hypnotherapy centers, the big player in Ogden is the Northern Utah Hypnosis Center on 36th St. Know, however, that many mental health therapists are also qualified to deliver hypnotherapy services.

Neighborhood Info and Resources

One of Utah’s most populous and unsung cities, Ogden is a great town with slightly below average rates of depression. In terms of mental health services, the city stands out for its expert sleep centers, which are affiliated with both Mckay-Dee and Ogden Regional medical centers. Even people who live in other parts of the state may travel to Ogden for these services if they consistently or inexplicably have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, if you’re looking to vent some frustration in a good-natured way, you can also find Utah’s largest indoor paintball field at Monstah Paintball.

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