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Orem Mental Health Providers

Find and contact licensed mental health providers in Orem by type of service. Find other mental health resources in the neighborhood.

Landmark Family Counseling—youth and family therapy

901 S Orem Blvd

Orem, Utah 84058

(801) 436-5830

Wise Path Counseling—addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, couples counseling

835 W 400 North

Orem, Utah 84057

(385) 313-0680

Utah Valley Pain Management—pain management, pain-related counseling and assessment services

412 W 800 North

Orem, Utah 84057

(801) 235-7246

Red Willow Counseling & Recovery—individual, couples, and group therapy, plus medication management and substance abuse treatment

185 North 290 West

Lindon, UT 84042

(385) 313-0055

Center for Change—eating disorders

1790 N State St

Orem, Utah 84057

(888) 224-8250

Successful Therapy—individual, couples, and family therapy

275 W 200 North Suite 203

Lindon, Utah 84042

(801) 787-7735

Choosing Joy Counseling—individual, couples, and family therapy

313 E 1200 South #101

Orem, Utah 84097

(801) 960-5388

Deseret Counseling—individual, couples, family, and online therapy

1045 South Orem Blvd

Orem, Utah 84058

(801) 875-2892

Alliance Behavioral—comprehensive, doctoral-level counseling, and psychiatric services

363 E 1200 South Suite 201

Orem, Utah 84058

(801) 224-2313

Utah Valley Family Support and Treatment Center—individual and couples counseling (Spanish-speaking therapists available)

Joy A. O’Banion Building

1255 N 1200 West

Orem, Utah 84057

(801) 229-1181

CLEAR Counseling and Consulting—individual therapy and sports counseling

1450 E 820 North

Orem, Utah 84097

(801) 634-7965

Attention Center of Utah—osteopathic physician with focus on psychiatric services

1215 S 1680 West

Orem, Utah, 84058

(801) 377-3933

Mountain River Wellness—individual, family & group therapy

900 S Orem Blvd Suite #877 (Evergreen Square)

Orem, Utah

(801) 400-2931

Utah Valley Psychology—individual, couples, group therapy and testing

568 E 1400 S,

Orem, UT 84097

(801) 854-7942

A.V.Y Counseling Services—adult, veteran, and youth counseling services

165 North 1330 West (Foundation House, Suite A1)

Orem, Utah 84057

(801) 960-3040

Children’s Counseling Center Utah—child and family therapy

907 S Orem Blvd

Orem, Utah 84058

(801) 724-9788

Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital—inpatient psychiatric services and intensive outpatient treatment

1350 E 750 N

Orem, Utah 84097

(801) 852-2273

Addo Recovery—individual and couples counseling for sex/porn addiction

199 N 290 West Suite 150

Lindon, Utah 84042

(801) 406-8994

Cirque Lodge—substance addiction treatment center

777 N Palisade Dr.

Orem, Utah 84097

(801) 222-9200

Capstone Counseling Center—substance abuse treatment, evaluation, court-ordered classes, and therapy

555 South State Street, Suite 204

Orem, Utah 84057

(801) 341-0411

Utah Family Institute—comprehensive therapy and assessment with a focus on child and family services

1471 N 1200 West

Orem, Utah 84057

(801) 802-9464

Orem VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC)

1443 W 800 North Suite 302

Orem, Utah 84057

(801) 235-0953

Other Mental Health Providers in Orem

  • Yoga & Meditation: There are several different yoga and meditation options in Orem, so do your homework. Bodhi Yoga, Yoga Lemon, and 3BYoga all offer private yoga instruction, for example. Unless you’re also looking to make a social connection, private, personalized yoga may make the biggest difference for your mental health. But financial considerations also play into this decision, and the cost of private yoga tends to add up quickly.
  • Acupuncture and Body Therapies: Orem-based acupuncture services include holistic centers such as Absolute Health Center and LoneStar Chiropractic Center. But if cost is the primary obstacle to getting the mental health benefits of acupuncture, you’ll want to check out Orem Community Acupuncture.
  • Hypnotherapy: Both Judy Jackson and Martha Wilks Harrison are local, certified hypnotherapists who can help with weight management and smoking cessation, as well as a range of personal health services. If you’re looking for hypnotherapy to cope with a more serious mental health problem, there’s Inner Spectrums just up the street in Lehi.

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