Find Mental Health Providers in St. George

St. George Mental Health Providers

Find mental health providers in St. George and other community resources that can alleviate your distress and better your mental health.

ABC Counseling Services—individual, couples, and family therapy

321 North Mall Dr

St George, Utah 84790

(435) 773-2063

Integrated Counseling and Wellness-St. George—individual, couples, and family therapy with wellness and psychiatric services

1173 S 250 West Bldg 1 Suite 208

St. George, Utah 84770

(435) 688-1111

Linda Helquist—individual, couples, family, and group therapy

321 North Mall Dr Building O-101

St. George, Utah 84790

(435) 590-1832

Serendipity—individual, couples, family, and group therapy with an emphasis on children and trauma

720 S River Rd A-215 Suite G

St. George, Utah 84790

(435) 237-1519

Touchstone Therapy Clinic—child and family therapy with an emphasis on attachment disorder and adoption issues

230 N 1680 E, Ste R3

St. George, UT 84790

(801) 485-8051

David Tateindividual, couples, and teletherapy

Red Cliff Professional Park

321 N Mall Drive, Bldg I, Suite 201

Saint George, Utah 84790

(435) 656-0506

Crimson Counseling—child, adult, couples, and family therapy

249 E Tabernacle St Suite 100

Saint George, Utah 84770

(435) 705-7574

Southwest Behavioral Health Center—comprehensive mental health services

474 W 200 North

St George, Utah 84770

(435) 634-5600

TurningLeaf Wellness Center—therapy, assessment, substance abuse, and domestic violence services

1240 E 100 South Bldg 23 Suite 204

St George, Utah 84790

(435) 652-1202

Ben L. Ashcraft—individual, couples, and family therapy with an emphasis on attachment disorders

1224 S. River Road, B-235

St. George, Utah 84790

(435) 862-8124

Justin Stum—individual and couples therapy with an emphasis on porn/sex addiction

Morningside Professional Plaza

640 E 700 South #103

St George, Utah 84770

(435) 574-9193

Forte Strong—residential and educational program for young adult men

619 S Bluff St. Tower 1 Suite 300

St George, Utah 84770

(866) 763-7033

Utah Behavior Services-St. George

1067 E Tabernacle St #7

St. George, Utah 84790

(801) 255-5131

Cinnamon Hills—academic and residential youth treatment center

770 E St George Blvd

St George, Utah 84770

(435) 674-0984

Lion’s Gate Recovery—drug and alcohol recovery programs

260 West St. George Blvd

St. George Utah 84770

(866) 471-9476

Dixie Regional Medical Center-Behavioral Health—inpatient services

1380 East Medical Center Dr.

St. George, Utah 84790

(435) 688-4343

Intermountain Medical Group Psychiatry and Counseling—comprehensive therapy and psychiatric services

292 S 1470 East

St. George, Utah 84790

(435) 251-5900

Star Guideswilderness therapy

377 E. Riverside Dr. Bldg B

St. George, Utah 84790

(435) 862-8273

LifeStar St. George—sex addiction and affair recovery program

923 S. River Road Suite 204

St. George, Utah 84790


Other Mental Health Providers in St. George

  • Yoga & Meditation: From what we’ve seen, Yoga Soul puts the most emphasis on the link between the physical discipline of yoga and its potential mental health benefits. But they’re far from the only yoga options in St. George. Looking to combine a yoga habit with other St. George services, food, and entertainment? There’s Downtown Yoga. Interested in combining yoga and Pilates into a single exercise routine? Desert Hills Yoga and Pilates has you covered. Think hot yoga might be right for you? There are two great options to choose from—Be Hot Yoga and Toes to Nose offers just the thing.
  • Acupuncture and Body Therapies: Not only can you find an acupuncture clinic in St. George, you can find several different kinds of clinics. Get a nutrition and wellness consultation with your acupuncture, or even medication management. Alternately, many chiropractors also offer acupuncture and body massage, in addition to traditional chiropractic services. Looking to access acupuncture on a budget? St. George Community Healing Arts offers affordable acupuncture in a group setting.
  • Hypnotherapy: Currently, there are no dedicated hypnotherapy centers in St. George, but that’s not a problem for many local residents. These centers focus mostly on smoking cessation, weight management, and sleep quality. Instead, local therapists Justin Stum and Iuri Melo can provide hypnotherapy as part of a personalized therapy plan for any number of life goals and mental health troubles.

Neighborhood Info and Resources

Not finding the type of health provider you’re looking in our directory? Perhaps the best local resource we can point you to is the Southern Utah Health and Wellness Directory. With all the surrounding beauty and wilderness, it’s no surprise that St. George is the base of operations for several wilderness therapy programs, as well as residential treatment centers that incorporate outdoor settings and activities. But as one of the only major population centers in southern Utah, St. George is also home to a first-rate psychiatric hospital and comprehensive mental health network, as well as plenty of therapy practices that make it easy to find someone to talk to about your troubles.

Many of these mental health providers offer specialized services and thematic therapy practices to a degree that’s hard to find in Utah outside of Provo and Salt Lake City. This includes services for specific populations like troubled families, domestic violence, abuse, and behavioral and substance addiction. It includes practices that have branded their practice around a single idea (serendipity) or image (turning leaf). You can also find a group of collaborative practices that share a space in the Bluff Towers Building.

No doubt, the city’s location is a big part of the reason for marketing specialty services and treatment centers. Less than two hours outside of Las Vegas, St. George attracts a good number of people fleeing Sin City in search of better mental health. But whether you’re traveling from out of state or you live in St. George proper, you’re going to have several providers to choose from.

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