Find Mental Health Providers in Sugar House

Sugar House Mental Health Providers

Find licensed mental health providers in Sugar House, as well as other local resources that may improve your mental health.

Aspen Grove Counseling—comprehensive therapy

1433 South 1100 East

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

(801) 581-0422

Red Willow Counseling & Recovery—individual, couples, and group therapy, plus medication management and substance abuse treatment

1425 South 700 East, Suite #102

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

(385) 313-0055

Psychiatric & Behavioral Solutions—comprehensive therapy, psychiatric services

1522 South 1100 East

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

(801) 467-1200

Crystal Counseling—family therapy

1390 S 1100 E Suite 201

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105


Uzima Counseling—individual/family therapy, eating disorders

1399 South 700 East Suite #3

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

(801) 712-6213

Creative Life Counseling—trauma, anxiety, substance abuse, adolescents

1945 South 1100 East Suite 202

Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

(801) 657-0897

Holly H Lineback—individual therapy

1104 E Ashton Avenue Suite 103

Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

(801) 259-7311

Simple Modern Therapy—individual/family therapy, gender & sexuality

1104 Ashton Avenue Suite 212

Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

(435) 730-2973

Steve Seligerindividual, couples, and family therapy

1104 E Ashton Ave #203

Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

(801) 661-7697

Whitney Barrell Counselingchild and adult therapy

1308 S 1700 East #209 (above Jolley’s Pharmacy)

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

(801) 502-5644

Big Wonderful Life Counseling and Coachingyouth, adult, and couples therapy

1355 S 1100 East

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

(801) 556-7638

Barbara Snowindividual and group therapy

1400 S Foothill #112

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

(801) 583-1740

Evans Counselingindividual, couples, and family therapy

1308 S 1700 East #210

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

(801) 582-0208

The Counseling Center at Westminster Collegetherapy services for Westminster students

1840 S 1300 East, Shaw Building

Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

(801) 832-2237

Josie Bohling

859 E 900 South

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

(801) 203-0885

NeuroAssessment and Development Center—assessment/wilderness programs

1486 S 1100 East #100

Salt Lake City, UT  84105

(801) 649-5300

Other Mental Health Providers in Sugarhouse

  • Yoga & Meditation: Few community resources dovetail with mental health like yoga. And this neighborhood has several spots: Bhakti Yoga Lounge, SLC Fit Collective, Centered City Yoga, We Are Yoga, and Bikram Yoga SLC. To integrate yoga with licensed therapy services, Uzima Counseling offers an integrated approach.
  • Hypnotherapy: Many licensed therapists and psychologists offer hypnotherapy as part of an integrated treatment approach. Aspen Grove offers hypnotherapy, for example. However, hypnotherapists do not need to be licensed so long as they follow the rules laid out by the state of Utah. Options in this neighborhood include Sugarhouse Hypnotherapy and Sense of Well-Being.
  • Acupuncture: If you’re interested in the potentially therapeutic effects of opioids, neurotransmitters, and hormones released during acupuncture treatment, local sites include Harmony Acupuncture, Earth and Sky Acupuncture, and the Cameron Wellness Center.

Neighborhood Info and Resources

  • Sugarhouse Park and Fitness Centers: Take a walk around Sugarhouse Park. Bad weather? There is a 24-Hour Fitness, as well as the Fairmount Aquatic Center, which offers an affordable day-pass option that includes a swimming pool, workout machines, and limited exercise programs.
  • Health Food and Boutique Shops: Many Utah residents know about the main commercial district in Sugarhouse, framed by 2100 South and 1300 East, but the neighborhood has other hidden gems. Looking for health and specialty foods beyond Whole Foods? Check out Liberty Heights Fresh. The neighborhood also has an adorable organic vegetable garden store, Traces.   
  • Dining: In a rush before or after your appointment? There are numerous fast-casual food options, including Chipotle, Smash Burger, Freebirds, and Paradise Bakery. Sugarhouse Coffee is another great option for a quick but healthy snack. You can also find a number of more traditional fast-food restaurants in the Sugarhouse shopping center right off the highway.
  • Toys/Clothes for the Kids: For many, the struggle for mental health begins at an early age, and it begins with family. The Kid-to-Kid store provides an opportunity for parents with kids in tow to offer a visit and small toy in exchange for best behavior on a potentially stressful day. Parents might also be able to consider crossing clothes shopping off their to-do list.

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