Find Mental Health Providers in The Avenues and Capitol Hill

The Avenues and Capitol Hill Mental Health Providers

From South Temple to Memory Grove Park and out to Arlington Hills, find mental health providers and community resources in Salt Lake City’s The Avenues.

Integrative Therapy Solutions—individual, couples, and family therapy

275 E South Temple #101

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

(801) 531-7389

Page Speiser—individual, couples, and family therapy

275 E South Temple #101

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

(801) 252-6853

Vaughn Roche—individual therapy services

699 E South Temple #240

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 792-3869

Skylight Counseling—individual, couples, and family therapy

275 E South Temple #101

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

(801) 505-1332

Dr. Carrie Skarda—doctoral-level individual therapy

275 E South Temple #101

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

(801) 999-0639

Camille DeLong—individual and couples therapy, plus personal and business consulting

275 E South Temple #101

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

(801) 531-7389 ext. 3

Marybeth Raynes—individual, couples, and family therapy

275 E South Temple #101

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

(801) 531-7389 ext. 2

Nicki Hill—adolescent and adult therapy

699 E South Temple #120

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102


The Awareness Option—individual and couples therapy

517 E 9th Avenue Suite B

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

(801) 554-1735

Avenues Psychiatry & Counseling–individual therapy and medication management

324 E 10th Ave

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

(801) 408-8500

Bright Path Anxiety—woman-focused counseling

136 E South Temple Suite 1400

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

(385) 420-9888

Becky Bailey, PhD—doctoral-level therapy with a focus on intensive psychoanalysis

699 E South Temple, #202

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 521-6234

LDS Hospital Behavioral Health—hospital-based mental health services

8th Ave & C ST (7th Floor)

Salt Lake City, Utah 84143

(801) 408-1038

Dayspring Outpatient Program—substance abuse treatment

440 N D St #205

Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

(801) 408-1525

Other Mental Health Providers in The Avenues and Capitol Hill

  • Yoga & Meditation: There are three major yoga studios in The Avenues. Avenues Yoga is known for its beautiful space, flexible scheduling, and community-building events. Body Happy is the most overt about yoga as a body therapy. Especially if you’re interested in feeling better physically, this can be a great choice. Metric Yoga is known for personalized, thematic yoga sessions. If you’re looking for that “perfect” class or a specific yoga vibe, check out the summaries from the different instructors.
  • Acupuncture and Body Therapies: You can expand your options greatly by heading into downtown Salt Lake, but there is also a highly rated professional right in the middle of the neighborhood on 7th Avenue between J and K St. Likewise, while there is the Avenues Day Spa, you can find more specialized body therapies downtown.
  • Hypnotherapy: There are no dedicated hypnotherapy centers in the neighborhood. However, some local mental health therapists, including Linda Martin, are also certified hypnotherapists. If you are looking for someone who focuses solely on hypnotherapy, one nearby option includes Northern Utah Hypnosis Center near Pioneer Park.

Neighborhood Info & Resources

The Avenues is a famous urban neighborhood tucked away from the hustle-and-bustle of downtown Salt Lake City. Local families will find an easy location and environment to participate in therapy. Alternately, high-powered career professionals may choose the therapists in this neighborhood for after-work sessions in a more secluded neighborhood. Perhaps, this is why many of the local therapists market their services as low-pressure, solution-focused counseling. In contrast, the downtown area is home to multiple therapists who instead offer more Jungian-style “depth psychology.”

Also, know that the cluster of therapists located at 275 E South Temple #101 are sometimes marketed as a collaborative practice called Crossroads Psychotherapy.

That said, there is a wide range of mental health services in this neighborhood that can help almost anyone, in almost any situation. Whether your distress stems from individual mental health troubles or family conflict, you can find a provider that specializes in different therapy modalities. Whether you need someone to talk to about your everyday problems in an office setting or you need the crisis intervention services of a hospital-grade facility, you can find a qualified provider in The Avenues.

According to the Utah Health Department, The Avenues has one of the lowest rates of depression in the state. Given the overall affluence and ambience of the neighborhood, this is no great surprise. Yet, even in the happiest, most resilient neighborhoods, there are people who suffer from disturbing behaviors and psychological distress. Don’t hesitate to take that first, courageous step and contact a local mental health provider.

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