Find Mental Health Providers near the University of Utah

Mental Health Providers near the U

Find mental health providers near the University of Utah campus including advanced treatment, counseling centers, and community-based resources.

Huntsman Mental Health Institute/University Neuropsychiatric Institute—crisis intervention, inpatient services, treatment-resistant therapy, and referral network

501 Chipeta Way

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

(801) 583-2500

CrisisLine: (801) 587-3000

Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic—autism-related assessment and therapy services

650 Komas Dr #206

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

(801) 587-8020

University Counseling Center—therapy services for University of Utah students, faculty, and staff

201 S 1460 East Rm 426

Student Services Building

Salt Lake City, Utah 84112

(801) 581-6826

The Salt Lake Marital and Family Therapy Clinic—couples therapy, plus some individual and family therapy

170 S 1000 East

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 521-5068

Shoreline Psychology—comprehensive therapy and assessment services, plus Spanish-speaking services

1060 E 100 South #100

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 300-0466

Eric Garland—clinical research with some therapy services

Goodwill Humanitarian Building, University of Utah

395 S 1500 East, Rm 273

Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

(801) 581-3826

Amy Lynn Fehlberg, PhDindividual, couples, family therapy, and career consultations

1060 E 100 South Suite 100

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(435) 277-0959

Salt Lake Regional Medical Centerinpatient and outpatient mental health services for seniors

1050 E South Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

(801) 350-4715

Alexis Worlock/Off the Beaten Path—outdoor/walking therapy

Near the University of Utah/Emigration Creek

(801) 641-9986

Other Mental Health Providers near the U and Foothills

  • Yoga & Meditation: The University of Utah offers yoga classes typically run by guest instructors. Better yet, yoga—as well as other exercise and sports science fitness classes—can be taken by anyone, not just enrolled students. This can be a great alternative for people who are leery about the trappings of conventional yoga studios. That said, while there are few yoga studios in the immediate area, you don’t have to travel far to find other a number of great options. There’s Metric Yoga to the north in the Avenues or Centered City Yoga just to the east of Liberty Park. Or if you’re not a fan of crowds and social gatherings, Mindful and Embodied offers private sessions and small classes.
  • Acupuncture and Body Therapies: The closest option is likely Sunrise Acupuncture. Harmony and Peak Acupuncture Clinics are located near 11th East and 13th South for those who wish to avoid downtown congestion. Or if you’re a natural city dweller, you can also check out Full Circle Care and East West Health.
  • Hypnotherapy: Again, there are few options on university grounds, but there’s Sugar House Hypnotherapy to the south and Northern Utah Hypnosis on the other side of downtown. That said, a licensed mental health therapist may also be certified to conduct hypnotherapy. And if you discover hypnosis is helping to cope with your psychological distress, you may be able to develop advanced skills with the Utah School of Hypnosis on South Temple. Even if you have no desire to become a hypnotherapist yourself, a 3-day workshop on self-hypnosis can help deepen your skill and further improve your mental health.

Neighborhood Info and Resources

Mental health services in and around the University of Utah can be largely broken down into one of three categories: 1) The hospital-grade facilities, advanced treatment protocols, and health provider network run through the University Neuropsychiatric Institute, 2) The University Counseling Center that serves active members of the university community, and 3) Providers in the surrounding neighborhood that offer mental health services that are highly specialized and/or independent from the university system.

Thus, families from around the state come to the U for treatment-resistance therapies, crisis intervention services, and one of the leading autism treatment programs in the country. Some of Utah’s elderly residents also seek help from Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, which offers a behavioral health unit that caters to seniors. And unless you’re intrigued by the idea of outdoor therapy with Alexis, most people seeking counseling services in this neighborhood—other than the university counseling center—look to Shoreline Psychology. This group practice hosts a bunch of therapists with different types of experience and specialization.

Outside of the providers themselves, this neighborhood has a ton to offer in terms of mental health. Buy a membership to Red Butte Garden, for example, and start a weekly ritual of eating lunch in the garden’s treehouse tables. Keeping an eye on Heritage Park’s calendar of events is a great way to make friends and participate in the local community.

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