Find Mental Health Providers in West Valley City and Magna

West Valley City and Magna Mental Health Providers

Find licensed therapy providers and other mental health services in West Valley City and Magna that stand to improve your psychological well-being.

Aspen Ridge Counseling—comprehensive therapy services

2711 S 8500 West

Magna, Utah 84044

(801) 990- 4300

Life Matters Counseling and Health Center—individual, couples, family, group therapy, and medication management

3336 Pioneer Pkwy #201

​West Valley City, Utah 84120

(801) 313-0555

Intermountain Specialized Abuse Treatment Center—individual and couples therapy for sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, substance use disorder, and related trauma

1555 W 2200 S Suite A

West Valley City, Utah 84119

(801) 886-8900

Comprehensive Psychological Services—therapy, medication management, neurofeedback, testing, substance abuse

3725 W 4100 South

West Valley City, Utah 84119

(801) 483-1600

Suncrest Counseling—individual and couples therapy, medication management, testing

2974 W 3500 South, Suite 200

West Valley City, Utah 84119

(801) 255-1155

Hopeful Beginnings—day treatment, group therapy, medication management

3280 W 3500 South Suite E

West Valley City, UT 84119

(801) 979-1351

(801) 216-3193-Crisis Line


Jordan Valley Medical Center Behavioral Health—psychiatric, inpatient, and emergency services

3460 S 4155 West

West Valley City, Utah 84120

(801) 964-3111

NAMIsuicide prevention, family resources, and mentoring

1600 W 2200 South #202

West Valley City, Utah 84119

(801) 323-9900

Other Mental Health Providers in West Valley City and Magna

  • Yoga & Meditation: This neighborhood hosts one of Salt Lake City’s premier meditation and yoga centers, Dragon Studios Taijiquan & Hatha Yoga. The West Valley City Family Fitness Center also offers limited yoga classes, along with comprehensive fitness facilities. Or, the closest option for Magna residents may be the Magna Fitness and Recreation Center. This center only offers Yogilates (yoga/Pilates hybrid) classes. On the other hand, its Young Athletes Program can be an incredible resource for children with intellectual disabilities and developmental delays.
  • Hypnotherapy: There are few local options, but there is the Northern Utah Hypnosis Center in downtown Salt Lake just off of I-15. Or, you can continue east on I-80 to Sugar House Hypnotherapy. Aspen Grove Counseling, also in Sugar House, emphasizes hypnotherapy services within its clinical mental health practice.
  • Acupuncture: Though technically it’s in Taylorsville, the Camp4Human Performance is a short drive for many West Valley City residents. Or, for those with easy access to the 201, there are a couple different options near I-80 and State. St. in South Salt Lake.

Neighborhood Info and Resources

West Valley City and Magna in particular have a unique history as a mining boom town situated within a major metropolitan area. But, today, the neighborhood doesn’t get enough credit as a bastion of theatre and other live-performance events. Many Salt Lake residents have seen the charred remains of the Gem Theater and know the story of the 1985 fire. But relatively few have visited all of the other neighborhood venues: Empress Theater in Magna, as well as the entertainment hub at I-215 and 3500 South.

Centennial Park is perhaps the city’s most underrated recreational facility. In part, that’s because during certain times of the year when the wind blows in the wrong direction, air pollution becomes a big nuisance. But here’s the real hidden gem: Pretty soon, it’ll be just a short drive south to the new Lodestone Park on Mountain View Corridor.

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